I'm Paul Kelly,
a multimedia & web development student.



Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Multimedia Web Development
Dundalk Institute of Technology


Diploma in Amenity Horticulture
National Botanic Gardens, Dublin


Work Experience

Web Development
I'm interested in teaching myself new skills and technologies and I have practised these skills by developing websites for local businesses, including this one which is implemented using Twitter Bootstrap.


Self-Employed Horticulturist
Having originally qualified with a Diploma in Horticulture, I established my own gardening business, which I operated successfully for many years. During this period I acquired a lot of skills including time, people & resource management, project management of contracts to successful completion and most of all, doing the job right the first time, which earns you respect and admiration from clients and peers.


Why Me?

Skills & Knowledge
I pride myself in getting involved in a project by thinking about the overall concepts and how everything can be integrated and implemented. I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting into the design, yet my goal is ultimately to be a 'thought-leader' and provide more than ideas but inspiration. I work well with others and think that I am a good teacher as I believe it is worthwhile to impart knowledge to others. You'll find me hard-working, diligent, and determined to solve problems as they arise.
HTML5 & CSS3 are my areas of strength while I have had a lot of practice with JQuery, PHP and MySQL. I'm proficient with Adobe CS6 versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premier Pro and lately I have been teaching myself Edge Animate that produces CSS3 animations.
You probably have guessed that I like flat design that produces modern looking websites as I have produced this entire website including the graphics and elements in the showcase carousel.


Icon Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Along with studying design theory my assignments focused on the practical use of the Adobe CS6 suite, principally using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Flash.

Icon Audio


A practical subject where we composed, recorded, edited, and mixed music and audio using Avid ProTools.

Icon Project Management

Project Management

Group based projects that teach us how to work as a team. Projects included building a web application, UI & UX design along with an initiative to promote the creative industries.

Icon Coding


Initially we concentrated on the Java language and object orientated programming which was very beneficial when it came to learning and implementing PHP & MySQL. Along with HTML5 & CSS3, I find this aspect of my studies both challenging and rewarding.

Icon Databases


From the very basics of writing select statements to querying SQL databases via the command prompt to the implementation with PHP and using the phpmyadmin GUI.

Icon Digital Editing

Digital Editing

After writing scripts and making storyboard's, footage and audio was captured via digital cameras then edited using Adobe Premier Pro CS6.

Icon CMS


A module where we learned to deploy Wordpress sites on to a server then manipulate them by adding functionality such as pages, posts and galleries, along with plug-ins, themes, and Search Engine Optimisation good practice .

Icon Photography


The use of a Digital SLR camera to capture images with the correct composition and to teach us to frame an image that's pleasing to the eye.


This website for iadd ltd, which is a fictional company is one that I created as an assignment for the Web Programming module. It is a database driven website which implements PHP amd MySql. I have incorporated several features such as a login system with session control variables, a blog, events calendar, a graph generated using the canvas element, social media feeds and a shopping cart feature that links up to PayPal. salvepaul.com
Stranooden Group Water Scheme is a rural based co-operative society who wanted a web presence so as to communicate more efficiently with their members. I created this website using Wordpress, mainly because it allows the management, who have little or no experience with web technologies, to be able to post articles and content with ease. I created their logo and other content on the website. stranoodengws.ie

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